Environmental Planning

Environmental planning is a field of study that has been concerned with an area’s collective stewardship over its resources that ultimately includes those of the entire region (or planet). The aims of environmental planning are to integrate the public sector urban planning with the concerns of environmentalism to ensure sustainable development.

Proper planning for a project is crucial in New England and we understand the environmental issues that our clients regularly face. Having been involved in small projects on the residential level, to the relocation of a brook through a densely developed urban center, we provide the skills necessary to guide you through complicated and confusing permitting process. Lucas Environmental strives to reduce your costs and maintain schedules through strategic planning and the right approach.

Lucas Environmental offers the following services to assist our clients in the early stages of the design process:

  • Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies
  • Alternative Analyses
  • Natural Resource Assessments
  • Historical & Archaeological Research
  • Compliance with Federal, State & Local Agencies
  • Environmental Construction Planning
  • Public Outreach